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animdisneyfic's Journal

Disney/Pixar Fanworks
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I'm the sort of person who catches half of a Disney movie I've seen sixteen times on Toon Disney yet again, and then writes fic for it. This is the place my fic goes-- and yours too.

I went looking for Disney fanfiction community that:
a. wasn't dead
b. isn't full of teenyboppers*
c. actually has posts in it
d. or recs fic
e. or is uninvolved with "modern" (i.e., not cartoon) Disney
*By teenyboppers, I mean people who can't spell and seem to have a mental age of 10.

I couldn't find it. Thus, animdisneyfic was born.

There are a few rules here. Please read.

1. Despite the comm name, fanart, meta, recs, and fanfic are all welcome here. Please, no icon posts, introduction posts, or advertising, unless you clear it with the mod first. Those posts will be deleted.

2. This community is only for Disney and Pixar animated series and movies. No High School Musical, no Hannah Montana, etc.

3. When posting, please put at least the series, pairing, title, and rating of your fic above the cut. If your fic is adult-rated, please choose that option when posting.

4. Please tag your entries by fandom and pairing (if pairing is applicable; otherwise use the tag "gen").

Tag format: fandom and fandom: pairing
For example, tagging a Hercules fanfic with the Herc/Megara pairing would be hercules and hercules: hercules/megara. If you're having issues, just make a note in your post (before the cut) and I'll try to help you.

That's all I've got for now. Best of luck writing and posting Disney fanfiction here! (And Disney fanart/meta/recs as well!)